Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Flawed Characters

Flawed Characters

 The inspiration for MY DEAREST FRIEND came from a dream, and when I examined it, I found the beginnings of a story. However, I had not envisioned my hero as a flawed character, but as his story unfolded,  it became obvious that he was as mortal as any man and therefore not perfect.

     He is a passionate man who loves deeply and protects fiercely but within that passion he harbors a jealous nature, which only comes to the fore when he mistakenly believes his wife to be duplicitous, as was his first love.  Despite the fact that his heart lies broken, his jealousy renders him blind and deaf to reason and thus drives him to doubt the wife he loves beyond all else.  A wife for whom he would willingly give his life.

     This doubt drives them asunder and it’s not until reason finally comes into being that he acknowledges his true feelings – he is, after all, only human and  susceptible to human failings.

     In all my writing, I stay true to nature and create flawed characters.  No one is completely perfect and these faults, along with everything that is good within us, make us what we are, so why not so with our fictitious characters – it makes them more believable and adds depth to their story.

     I love my flawed heroes and hope my readers do too.

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