Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Boy Behind The Fireplace

     In October 2003, the skeleton of a young boy was discovered when replacing the original fireplace in the main hall of a thirteenth century castle.
     There was no clue to the boy’s identity, but sightings had been recorded of a small boy of the period seen playing in the hall.  This is my idea of what might be his story.

The Boy Behind the Fireplace

’Twas in the thrall of winter, he holed me in this wall.
My life I was to forfeit, my lord would have it all.
My hearth my lord did covet, my mother he desired.
My death was all he needed and for this he conspired.

My mother’s heart he captured, he held her in his spell.
To me, he showed his hatred, and left me in this hell.
Now let this wall bear witness, to the evil of his mind,
For all will know his purpose, when they my body find.

My life’s breath still did linger when put inside this wall
And though I cried and pleaded, no one would heed my call.
I scraped against the brickwork, but it still held its place
Now none will ever know me, and none behold my face.

My lord, my place has taken, my mother and my worth,
And I am left here grounded, forever on this earth.

Hazel Statham © October 2005

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