Wednesday, 15 December 2010

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     Inspiration for THE PORTRAIT came to me from a song whilst watch the film ‘Hawks’, which is the story of two young men dying of cancer, but determined to enjoy life whilst they can.  In the song, the singer utters the words ‘I want to be the man that you think I am’ which, in the theme of the film, translates into wishing he was strong and healthy for his girlfriends sake.  I took that thought and translated it into a hero returning from war with devastating wounds.
     When he had joined the ranks of those fighting against Napoleon, Edward Thurston, the new Earl of Sinclair, had recently entered into an arranged betrothed with Lady Jennifer Lynton, but a cannonball wreaked such damage on his noble frame that he had no desire to continue with the marriage.  In other words, he wanted to be the man she thought he was, not the wreck he perceived himself to have become.  However, during the campaigns, it was seen that he relied greatly on a miniature he carried and it was to this he clung during his time spent recovering in a convent on the Portuguese  border.
     For differing reasons, Lady Jennifer had also decided to end the engagement.  She felt slighted that Edward’s letters had been impersonal with little but trivialities in their content.  Why should she trot down the isle with a man she hardly knew and made no attempt to inform her of his injuries?

     Will Edward find happiness with the girl in the portrait or will he stay firm in his resolve not to wed?  His head dictates on course, his heart another!

If you have time, please read an excerpt at the link below

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